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... from the political programme of the Italian Pirate Party
Warning: This part of the programme has been revised but not yet translated.

The economy in which we are living counts on a hope for the return of growth, but the global economic growth is based on the dismantlement of natural resources, on the technological advances and the increase of population. In terms of the economy, the growth of humanity is an increment in consumers, but this implies that there are nations on Earth that lucre on such an increment while others lose. Technological growth has been strong in past centuries, but we cannot expect this to continue at the same rate and concerning the growing consumption of natural resources the planet is on the verge of ecological collapse. Nothing of this can sustain a system where the strongest countries of Earth push forward a national debt higher than their own gross domestic product. The global economy of the new millennium must be sustainable on a regional and global level. The dependency on economic growth harms humanity and must be stopped.

This thought leads by conseguence to the following: In a sustainable economy, implemented with a high grade of tecnological automation, it is impossible to award a traditional "full-time job" to the whole of humanity. It is thus essential for peace and social well-being that all humans shall relish an income of secure existence subsidized by the industrial production in order that those who execute work earn more but those who cannot find a job spend a life in dignity and free from existential fears. Ideally we all work somehow, but we work less.

This is a long-term project that requires a profound reform of the system of economy, finance, welfare and taxation.

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